Hi, my name is Tom De Smet.

I’m the founder of Magenta Brandboosters, a creative communication agency located in Bruges, Belgium (land of the surrealism). I like my job a lot. Most of the time I’m busy with my colleagues creating logo’s, ad’s, visuals, packagings and so on. Being creative within the briefing. Using typography, color and pictures. Off-line or on-line. Below or above the line…

But sometimes I feel the need of doing my own stuff, instead of working for my ‘beloved’ clients.

That’s why you’re on this website now.

As a young boy I used to draw a lot, mostly in the margin of my school books. Now, more than 30 years later I rediscoverd this part of myself.  I Like to look at life this way, think about it and then start to draw. With a marker, directly on paper. And then adding color when needed. Illustratom was (re)born!

Making these cartoons, drawings and sketches, I feel like coming home. Inspiration pops up all the time. And then my sketch book (or a piece of paper, or my I-phone) is not far away. Grab a marker and start to draw…


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Hope you like my reflections about the little and great things in life and all things that live here and even beyond.

Please feel free to react about what you like and dislike.




All drawings are copyright protected, don’t use them without permission of the author. Please? Thanks!